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TransMedia Group

Offers Digital Marketing

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About TransMedia Group:
TransMedia Group has received numerous awards, including a Bronze Anvil from PRSA for a Public Service Campaign for The City of New York. The firm’s publicity campaigns are often cited for excellence in leading PR trades and business journals. TransMedia offers crisis management, media training, product introductions, media relations, national and international publicity, branding campaigns and financial PR


TransMedia Group Offers :

  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Management
  • Media Relations
  • National And International Publicity
  • Branding Campaigns
  • Product Introductions
  • Financial PR

  • Investors
  • Marketing And Advertising
  • Fundraising And Event Sponsorship
  • Skilled And Experienced PR Leaders
  • Product Placement
  • Search Engine Optimization And Marketing
  • Website Design and Copyright Protection
  • Online And Media Presence[/custom_list]

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TransMedia’s Mission:


TransMedia buidling 1Our mission is to make our clients newsworthy in ways that advance their business goals. First we develop a plan. It identifies what we seek to accomplish and how we propose to go about it by creating effective media strategies and tailoring messages to attain clearly-defined objectives. To do this, we’ll look objectively at our clients’ business. Then from our vantage of many years of media experience, we’ll find out what’s different, special and interesting about our client. Always, we’ll spot something, some hook that will make not only a good story, but a compelling story, an irresistible story, a believable story to the media. Then we’ll create the most effective ways to underscore its timeliness and drive home the salient points we need to make. Our news releases and other presentations on behalf of clients are always truthful and accurate, but never dull or lacking in originality. We tell our client’s story inventively — in the best possible way to attract media attention. We target media that reach markets of importance to our client’s business. And we hit our prime target over and over again.

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A Few Featured Clients And Products:


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NBC’S THE VOICE & #TEAMSHAKIRA "Monique Abbadie" debut's her song NO FEAR

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~ Lisa Armoyan

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