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Director of Social Media, Brazil

Ana Carolina Yumi Nakama, known as Carol Nakama, is an accomplished social media director who has served more than 200 small, medium and large companies in Brazil, the U.S. and England during her illustrious career.

She is a distinguished graduate of ESPM University in São Paulo, Brazil where she majored and excelled in digital marketing.

Her skills center on creating, implementing and managing digital marketing strategies as an exceptionally effective organic content creator whose mission is to increase engagement and strategic positioning of personal and business brands.

Carol is passionate about establishing connections between people in the digital world through the power of brand influence, which can be positively incorporated into people's lives.

Carol values ​​the relationship between internal and external customers, focusing on objectives and achieving results from the impact brands have on their target audience.

Among her many talents are building organizations and applying flexibility to project management, as well as developing empathy with people with whom she works, while deploying her leadership and team-building skills.

Follow Carol on Instagram @acarolnakama.

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