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TransMedia Knows Podcasting!

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‘TransMedia Monday,’ hosted by TransMedia Group President Adrienne ‘Age’ Mazzone, was a weekly 27-minute show that aired on WWNN Radio, with guests ranging from celebrities and sports figures to crypto experts and successful entrepreneurs. The show’s interviews are conversational and informational with each guest sharing their personal success stories across business, sports, entertainment, the arts, and more. 

This show was broadcasted every Monday morning at 9:00am Eastern Time on 1470 AM and 96.9 FM, 95.3 FM that as part of South Florida's Money Talk Radio Network. WWNN is a 50,000 WATT Mega Station serving as a premiere destination for health information and financial advice reaching 40+, educated, high-net-worth individuals interested in health, politics, and finance on

While this was fun, we prefer booking guests on shows and helping Podcasters grow their audience, sponsor potentials and provide valuable resources to the Host and Producers.

'TransMedia Monday' Guests

TransMedia Monday 11/29/2021
00:00 / 21:00
TransMedia Monday 11-29-21.jpg
TransMedia Monday 11/22/2021
00:00 / 24:41
TransMedia Monday 11-22-21 (1).jpg
TransMedia Moday 11/15/2021
00:00 / 27:04
TransMedia Monday 11-15-21.jpg
TransMedia Monday 11/08/2021
00:00 / 24:01
TransMedia Monday 11-8-21 (1).jpg
00:00 / 26:07
TransMedia Monday 11-1-21 (1) (1).jpg
TransMedia Monday Episode #3 10/25/2021
00:00 / 27:00
TransMedia Monday 10-25 (1).jpg
TransMedia Monday Episode #2 10/18/2021
00:00 / 27:00
TRANSMEDIA MONDAY 101821 (1).jpg
TransMedia Monday Episode #1 10/11/2021
00:00 / 24:33

Are you an expert?  Do people like listening when you have something to are a terrific candidate for your own show!  TransMedia Group's team is here to help!

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