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Samantha Tzikas

Director of Public Relations

A graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor's degree in Communications, Samantha is seasoned with knowledge of public relations, having taken multiple PR courses in college and interned at the PR firm before venturing out on her public relations career.


Samantha works with a variety of clientele whom she helps to cultivate rewarding relationships with media organizations and influencers. In her role at TransMedia Group, she writes news releases, pitches media, and does extensive research on clients as well as their competitors to develop the best plan for their PR campaign.


Samantha also monitors the news and popular trends for clients to be a part of to achieve their respective goals. Samantha brings her timely newsworthy ideas to clients to help gain media exposure in countless multimedia outlets.


As a Florida Atlantic alumnus, Samantha has her B.A. in Communications and a minor in sociology, giving her a unique perspective on society and ways of communicating effectively.


Besides her academic accomplishments Samantha was an accomplished gymnast, winning two state championships in Florida and Maine, and competed for over 10 years.


Samantha was born and raised in the state of Maine and continues to go back there every summer to visit her family. Samantha enjoys traveling and is constantly learning new things from the places she visits. She is a people person at heart and is excited to be a part of such an established public relationship firm as Transmedia Group.


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