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Elesia Carey

Executive Producer/Broadcast Media in New York City


Carey has worked in the PR and Broadcast Industry in a variety of capacities including Executive Producer/Vice President of PR/Media Relations/Broadcast Media Services as well as Consulting. 

Carey has helped to move companies to the forefront of PR Broadcast services nationwide through her unique and customized consulting management efforts. 


Carey has served as an Executive  SMT, RMTs and Co-op SMT, incorporating client message into newsworthy and cohesive interview segments in all classifications: from lifestyle through fashion, food, trade shows, etc. 

Carey has provided strategic/budgetary counseling to PR firms on how to maximize best use of their broadcast PR Broadcast Media Tour dollars and Media trained Spokespeople for proper delivery of the clients' message points and newsworthy elements, within allotted time frame of the SMT, RMT or Co-op SMT interview.

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