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Rick Nash

International Relationship & Government Market Specialist




















Mr. Nash is a Sustainable Technology & Logistics Expert Specializing in Agriculture production & contract sale working with USAID, the UN. In addition he continues to work with his colleagues in Washington DC for grants & government procurement opportunities for the private sector.

Mr. Nash is also a Disaster Relief specialist& Government representation project specialist with over 25 years of experience in this arena before joining the PhitTech Team [ ]. Since the earthquake in Haiti, Mr. Nash has solved many issues working with universities and the private sector in Haiti, Honduras, Roatan, Peru, Guatemala, Columbia, Africa as well as working closely with the Ambassadors of the Central and South American countries bringing food, nutrition solutions and development to many regions of the world.

Mr. Nash in past years has partnered with the experts in sustainable country reforesting, sustainable university Aquaponics programs, the building of sustainable Medical facilities & HIV/AIDS programs, bringing sustainable energy projects, water technology, sustainable nutrition/farming projects, including product registration to the Latin America countries including the Caribbean nations as well as Africa.

Mr. Nash continues to work with the NSF, GSA, VA, DLA, DOD, NSBA,SAM/DOD and the PhitTech Team as to product development, certification and contracts. He also continues to work with the U.S. Olympics Committee and Professional sport as to product and event development.

Mr. Nash resides in Indianapolis Indiana and Tegucigalpa Honduras with an office in South Florida. He continues to work with his long-time contacts and colleagues in Washington D.C. and the DOD (Department of Defense) to facilitate and negotiate projects and relationships in the Americas as well as throughout the world.

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