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Andrea Bianco

Publicity Assistant

Andrea Bianco.jpeg

TransMedia Group has brought Andrea Bianco from Italy onboard as publicity assistant who is in his final year of dual master's degree programs in management engineering.


“We’re pleased to have Andrea interning full time with us for the next four months while he completes part of his dual paths of study toward earning master’s degrees in both the U.S. and Italy,” said TransMedia Group president Adrienne Mazzone.


“My path in America started last year with seven months of study at New Jersey Institute of Technology and from that moment on I fell in love with America and now here I am working at one of the country’s top PR firms, which makes me extraordinarily proud and happy,” said Bianco.


“I’ll be graduating from the master's program in industrial engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology this May and in December from the master's program in management engineering with a specialization in finance in Italy.”


Bianco is from Reggio Emilia, an Italian town near Bologna, and arrived in Boca Raton late Wednesday night, but at his desk promptly 9 AM Thursday morning.


“We’re delighted to have this very outgoing, bright young man with us who likes to talk and interact and has a very optimistic and positive attitude we like so much in international students who intern with us,” said TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden, who once lived in Italy himself and worked at Cinecittà Studios in Rome, dubbing film actors speaking Italian into English.


“Stay up very late some night watching TCM and you might just hear some gladiator speaking with a nasal New Jersey accent,” he said.


Bianco has played sports all his life, including at a high level in basketball and volleyball while in high school. “I really enjoy working out in the gym, playing chess and reading.”



Bianco said he’s “really grateful for this opportunity to work at TransMedia Group” where he’ll be every day in the office except when he has to leave to pursue his degree. My willingness to engage in this work is strong as I want to learn as much as I can working hard as I’m able to.

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