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Want an internship?

What to do!

Send an email to Adrienne:


Throughout the internship, we help students/grads update their resumes and portfolios when placements are generated and/or materials are crafted that could be discussed at job interviews. Also, non-required attendance is welcome at upcoming events when their schedule permits.


Adrienne Mazzone, President at the firm, oversees on a daily basis what work is being done and ensures that they are learning from each task. When a student completes their internship, they leave with a feel for hands on experience by “out of classroom” career type setting and knowledge of the PR business. They also have the start of contacts they’ve created in the industry.


The internship program TransMedia Group offers is as important for the student as it is for our business. We do critique work and give an overview of what the student or recent graduate can improve as well as what their strong points are and what they might want to work on more in depth.

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