Belesha Wilson

Director of UK Media Relations

Manifestation of positivity is key for Belesha Wilson. She believes that the brain is like planet earth limited to just the globe whilst the mind is like the universe with no limits, so why not fill the mind with good, dream and make anything possible.                      

Belesha is a veteran when it comes to creation and creativity. Any person around her long enough will be well fed with new ideas. She covers areas within PR and marketing, business development, networking, research, and events. Belesha also specialises in the sectors of music and entertainment, hospitality, travel and tourism, hotels, beauty and fashion.

Belesha is the Co founder of byMe lifestyle an experience management company . Over the years this has allowed Belesha to plan and host some top events from organising a sold out concert for a top UK artist, to planning and organising an engagement party for one of the UK’s well known trending social media influencers.

Belesha currently lives in England however flees to Florida when she is  not liking the English weather.             


(561) 750-9800 x2100

240 W. Palmetto Park Road, Suite 300

Boca Raton, FL 33432  USA