alana pulver

Manager of Public Relations & Social Media

Alana Pulver Manager of Public Relations and Social Media.


Pulver is a recent graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Editing, Writing, and Media and a minor in Communications. 


“When Alana moved back to South Florida after graduating, her love for the PR world was enhanced as she saw how she could be an asset to our clients’ companies and brands at TransMedia Group and accepted a position as a loyal team member,” said TransMedia Group president Adrienne Mazzone.

“I truly enjoy the work I’m doing and am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to become a part of the team at TransMedia,” Alana said.


Prior to TransMedia, Alana was an intern at a non-profit organization, Voices for Florida, for a year, which raised advocacy for sex trafficked and abused children. 


During her internship, she grew her skillset of creative writing, graphic design, and networking. In addition to taking classes and interning, she also worked a part-time job as a hostess where she enjoyed engaging with the customers and helped coordinate events.


Alana jumped in feet first at TransMedia and is taking on new projects daily for multiple clients while also overseeing the internship program. Some of the clients she is working closely with are,,, and  

Check out Alana's recent feature in, discussing her experience with TransMedia Group and how "unpaid internships sometimes pay off for college students who are searching for jobs."


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