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We work with a multitude of partners that help our clients gain traction and visibility.

Sloane Media
Art Xtedia

Steve Sloane established Sloane Media in 2012 when he found many companies trying to plan and place media buys themselves and often not knowing where to go, what to ask for, and how to get what they want. Our 25+ years managing sales teams on the vendor side of the business now gives us the negotiation expertise needed in the ever-changing media buying maze of traditional and digital opportunities.


The Technology Headlines Brings together CIOs,CXOs and other technology decision makers to speak on the evolution of technologies in a world surrounded by high-tech tools, gadgets and applications


The Technology Headlines covers major industry trends in the US and APAC markets and is working alongside leading players to document the opinions and exceptions of the global business community


We offer insights to upcoming SMEs on how to create steady tech development projects and helps them to diversify their existing network. It also supports the established players in the market to unveil a commercial launch of their new products through our knowledge platform.


South Florida Live Radio Show on the WEI Network with host, Peter Wein. Live every Thursday from the TransMedia Group building! Over 200,000 listeners globally!


WFN1 is about focusing on businesses, people and stories that reflect positive financial outcomes. Discovering new and interesting companies and industries is very fascinating and can be very rewarding to investors. Timely, innovative and productive ideas steadily spring from CEOs and business leaders with a desire to be linked to the investing public's awareness. WFN1 can offer this very unique business forum with a win-win proposition that promotes growth in our economies and encourages prosperity through investor participation. CEOMONEY on IHeart Radio is America's Business Show featuring the most successful business leaders, influencers, technology pioneers and financial experts. Helping entrepreneurs take the next steps in business!


Robert Chernish established Coin Currency News in 2014 and is considered an expert in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Building on the news and publishing business, Robert used his background in college instruction to design a high school credit-course for Blyth Academy Online and is working on a cryptocurrency textbook for colleges and universities.


The ModernMarca story began in 2014. Husband-wife team, Scott and Veronica Romney had a vision for better marketing services. Inspired by her parents’ 30-year-old local business, Veronica knew there was a better way to bridge the gap between company and customer. After seeing her parents waste time and money on tired marketing, she believed that clients like them deserved more. That’s why the core belief at ModernMarca has always been marketing is too expensive (and too important!) to not deliver results for you, the client.

So ModernMarca was born, previously called LoSoMo, a marketing agency with a vision for your success. In five short years, ModernMarca has helped hundreds of businesses and personal brands go from ambitious and frustrated to modern success stories. The secret is in coalescing vision and execution, branding and marketing. We believe the ability to bridge your brand’s story with your customers’ story is key. Our high customer retention, countless awards, glowing testimonials and high profile features in Forbes, HuffPost, Hubspot, Inc. and many other leading web publications are proof our approach works.

Today, we help everyone from the local businesses to renowned Fortune 100 CEOs grow their success story. We connect your compelling story with your customers’ inner needs and desires. It is time-consuming and challenging to build a brand, whether you are a business or individual. We understand the stress involved with running an organization and trying to market it. That’s why we do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

At the end of the day, your success is what drives us. You want to connect with your ideal customer or client and bridge the gap between their story and yours. And we can help you achieve this goal. Ready to start your journey?


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