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Authors And Publishing

The mission of The TransMedia Group Publishing Division is to publish fiction and non-fiction books by Florida authors particularly when subjects concern outstanding individuals who have had a major impact on their respective fields of endeavor, or have pushed the boundaries of knowledge in such areas as health, nutrition, fitness, diet and lifestyle. Of particular interest are entrepreneurs who have built major businesses, such as Carl DeSantis, founder and chairman of Rexall Sundown, Inc. DeSantis’ autobiography Vitamin Enriched is among TransMedia’s titles published in 1997. TransMedia is a member of the American Booksellers Association and it premiered its first titles at the 1997 Book Expo in Chicago. Its books are distributed by Ingram Books, the world’s largest book wholesaler and its titles available at Barnes and Noble, Borders,, and other retail outlets or via the internet.

General Information

TransMedia Group History

What do you get when you merge a public relations firm with a publishing house?

In April of 1997, The TransMedia Group Publishing Division was established as a “spinoff” of TransMedia Public Relations, a highly-successful PR firm serving clients nationwide from its headquarters in Boca Raton, FL. The publishing company was founded on the premise that publicity is key to the success of any book. And since TransMedia Public Relations was adept at generating national publicity for authors, experts and corporate spokespersons, including booking authors on network, syndicated and major market TV shows across America, publishing was seen as a logical extension of the business.

“Here we are–a successful PR firm with a battery of outstanding publicists. We were booking all sorts of authors on radio and television when the idea struck. Why not promote our own books?” asked Thomas J. Madden, president of TransMedia Publishing, Inc., now a separate company operating in the same offices with the PR firm. “So we hitched a publishing company to our fine-tuned publicity motor.”

Madden and his wife, Angela, co-founded the firm in 1981 in New York City after he left NBC where he was Vice President and Assistant to the President, then Fred Silverman. In 1988, they relocated the business to Florida.

The TransMedia Group Publishing Management

Thomas J. Madden began his career as a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer and has lectured and written extensively on communications including his autobiography, Spin Man, published by TransMedia. His articles have appeared in such publications as TV GUIDE and Journalism Quarterly. And speeches he has written for such clients as Kellogg’s Company have been reprinted in The New York Times and in other periodicals. He has taught communications at Rutgers University, Loyola University and Florida Atlantic University. He is a graduate of Temple University and has a Master’s Degree from The Annenberg School of Communications at The University of Pennsylvania. In the late l970’s and early l980’s, Madden was high-ranking network television executive involved in promoting specials, miniseries and other programs. He was Director of Public Relations Planning at ABC and moved to NBC as Vice President, Assistant to the President, before co-founding TransMedia Public Relations in 1981 with his wife, Angela. The firm has won many major awards, including The Public Relations Society of America’s Bronze Anvil for a PSA campaign Madden helped to develop for The City of New York. Madden is an accredited member of PRSA.

Submission Guidelines

TransMedia does not accept unsolicited manuscripts and will not return any unsolicited material it receives from authors, agents, other individuals or companies.


TransMedia will accept only a one or two-page overview of your proposal, plus an outline of your book, which may or may not be returned or, due to the high volume of submissions, even responded to. However, please include your name, address and phone number as we will do our best to look at every proposal.

Do not send a manuscript. And please, no inquiries by phone!


TransMedia is an independent total publishing company, providing subsidiary rights sales, including national and international, film and television, video and paperback rights, promotion and publicity and distribution. TransMedia:

Purchases from authors the rights to publish their manuscripts as hardcover and trade paperback books. Offers a total subsidy publishing package to authors, which includes writing, editing, production, promotion, publicity and distribution.

  • Purchases from authors the rights to publish their manuscripts as hardcover and trade paperback books.
  • Offers a total subsidy publishing package to authors, which includes writing, editing, production, promotion, publicity and distribution.

Open Distribution Channels

Distribution is critical. If you don’t have a convenient way for people to buy your book, all the PR in the world won’t generate sales. One of the main things that must be done is to establish distribution channels with major book distributors such as Baker & Taylor as well as the world’s largest book wholesaler, Ingram, with which our publishing division, Transmedia Publishing, has had a long and productive relationship. We make it easy for the big booksellers like Borders Books and Barnes & Noble to carry your book as they like our marketing and our ability to prepare and book authors on broadcast and stimulate interviews nationwide. You’ll also need distribution through the major online distributors such as and to sell your book as well, which is something TransMedia Group is especially good at.

Get Your Book Reviewed

TransMedia will get your book reviewed. We’ll make sure galleys and the finished books are sent to the reviewers at major publications and broadcast outlets. We will write and send press releases, pitch letters in an electronic press kit and make follow up phone calls to media outlets across the United States and Canada encouraging reporters and reviewers to write about her book.

National Print Media

Being reviewed by The New York Times, Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and USA TODAY are major goals. In fact USA Today has 4.3 million readers every day. Furthermore, it gets more notice from the other media (radio and TV especially) than the other four newspapers combined. That’s a major reason why TransMedia will make a concerted effort to get your diet book noticed by USA TODAY. Nine times out of 10, an appearance in USA TODAY will lead to other media notice as well because, “PR leads to even more PR.”

TransMedia will also contact national magazines such as Woman’s World, TIME, Newsweek, First for Women, as well as People and others that may be interested in your “personal” story. Perhaps you’ve battled overeating, anorexia or something else yourself. Sometimes the media is more interested in the author than the book itself and that is just one more angle we’ll use to promote your book.

Health Is One Of Our Specialties

For more than 20 years TransMedia has been marketing health products and services, including products for the diet industry. So we know what works and what doesn’t. And usually we’re on a first-name basis with the media specialist who will write about your book.

TV and Radio Coverage

TransMedia will get you interviewed on radio and possibly TV. Every day thousands of interviews are conducted on TV and Radio stations across the North America and several hundred are with authors. If you are not trying to get interviewed by the producers of those shows they won’t find you because they simply don’t have time to look for you as they have so many interesting people clamoring for their attention. TransMedia has developed relationships with many producers over the years and those contacts combined with well thought out pitches produce results. We will pitch both radio and TV outlets about your diet book and we will arrange all interviews.

TransMedia also travels to New York City frequently where our Chairman Thomas J. Madden maintains an office and twice a year we have face-to-face meetings there with about 60 journalists, editors, writers and producers from top national magazines, newspapers and radio/TV programs. We have successfully pitched such media outlets as, ABC’s 20/20… Prime Time… CNN… People… Good Morning America… Newsweek… Publishers Weekly… Family Circle… Forbes… ABC Radio Network… Parenting magazine… Time Magazine… Charlie Rose… Dateline NBC… The View… Oprah’s O magazine… Fortune Small Business… Cosmopolitan… Fox News… New York Post… Good Housekeeping … Newsweek… and many others. When retained by you to promote your book these outlets and others attending this event will be hearing about your book from us in person. Few PR firms have booked as many guests on OPRAH and other major TV shows as TransMedia! And once that happens . . . restart the presses!

Experts Subscriptions Service

TransMedia belongs to a paid subscription service where we receive dozens of leads everyday from members of the media who are looking for an expert to comment on a particular story they are working on. We’ll respond to these queries and when appropriate, present you as a diet authority and we will request an interview. The media will, in nearly every case, mention your diet book in the story as it establishes your credibility with the reader.

Media Training

Regardless of your media experience, you will benefit from our expert media training that will prepare you for all interviews. We have some of the best media trainers in the business, including Mr. Madden himself, who has trained top executives at many Fortune 500 companies, to help you to stay on topic while you’re being interviewed. You’ll learn how to “plug” your book without sounding like a salesperson. Often the questions we prepare for your interviews are used by the media representative, one after the other. The training helps you to capitalize on every interview so we’ll help you to maximize each opportunity to the fullest.

Monthly Retainer

As for fees, we operate on a monthly retainer basis on a minimum six month contract. Depending upon the scope of the project the fees will range from $4,500 to $6,500 per month (USD).

There is much to discuss. I hope this short synopsis gives you an idea of the type of valuable services our firm offers. Please contact me so we can zero on the services you would like us to perform and so that we may give you a better price estimate for those services and to select a starting date and many more specifics.

For first-time authors stuck with publishers who won’t give them a fighting chance, honesty is the best postscript.
Here’s a very talented writer who expresses sincere gratitude for our opening his eyes.

Dear TransMedia Group:

It has become clear to me that my publisher is not going to move on the cover price. I want to thank you and your staff for being forthright regarding Slip Time. I’ve got a $9.95 book selling for $27.95 so I’ve got a dead horse in the marketplace. In future and with a different publisher, TransMedia Group will be my first telephone call for public relations and promotion.

With Highest Regards,
Bob Stave

Slip Time



Self Publishing Expands Publicity Opportunities

TransMedia Group has long recognized the value of self publishing as a complementary element in a PR program. Currently we’re helping entrepreneur Bob Pergament write his memoir about his successful career in retailing in Long Island, and other parts of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey where Pergament Home Centers thrived as they grew along with suburbia and helped to create the Do-It-Yourself movement. We’re also embarking on helping Israel’s famous Dr. Eli Fischer to come out with a new edition of his autobiography for U.S. distribution, which will be a centerpiece of a publicity campaign for new health products he’s introducing in New York. In the past we’ve arranged not only the writing, but the production of books by clients, including Rexall Sundown founder Carl DeSantis’s memoir “Vitamin Enriched,” while we were the PR firm of record for his company until he sold it for $1.6 billion. Did the book help? It sure didn’t hurt to have him talking about what a success he had made of Rexall Sundown, which at the time had become the world’s leading supplier of nutritional supplements. We even created an online publication called Dietary Supplement News, to herald his remarkable achievements, which we still publish today. All this suggests that there may be opportunities for writers at PR firms to help non-writers write books, as well as proofreading/copy editing and other writing opportunities, including writing byline articles for trade publications, OP ED pieces and other writing assignments for clients, who often have great ideas, but can’t express them as well as a professional writer.

Transmedia Group Has Published And/Or Promoted Many Books Including: